Welcome to the newsletter for John and Pam’s adventures. I (John) liked keeping a journal on our trips and that turned into a daily-ish email to keep friends and family informed. So far, so good. However, as people forward some of those emails the new folks would ask for previous emails. Being contentious, I’d end up managing emails instead of being on vacation. But no more!

Now with the newsletter on Substack, you can either get my ramblings in your inbox or you can read them here on the website without subscribing. Be forewarned, I’m writing these missives while on vacation so please forgive the grammar, run on sentences, and odd tense changes in the middle of sentences. After we get home, I’ll got back and edit the entries, so everything makes sense. I’ll mark those entries as edited to be transparent.

With that said, we hope you enjoy our adventures because we sure love going on them!

Oh, one last thing. If you no longer want to receive these newsletters in your email, which does not offend us at all, here’s the instructions to unsubscribe: https://support.substack.com/hc/en-us/articles/360059788812-How-do-I-unsubscribe-from-a-free-subscription-

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